Using short radio waves to "attract/contact" anomalies

Using short radio waves to “attract/contact” anomalies

Reading some passages on Trevor J Constable’s book: “The Cosmic pulse of life” he made a connection between the first massive use of radar at the end of WW II and the first reports of UFO sightings, he claimed that the radar radio frequencies were the reason that “attracted” the attention of the living beings that are being called UFO today, and that makes perfectly sense because we know that mirror reflections attract them and they respond back to that, but mirror reflections are electromagnetic in nature.

That idea can be explored now in a very cheap way via the video/audio transmitters/receivers used in FPV( first person video), the ones in the 5.8GHZ frequency are very promising, a transmitter can be setup pointing to the sky using a directional antenna and see the results, if that works then automatically complex signals can be transmitted via the video link. For example this is one 5.8 GHZ transmitter in Ebay for $22:…-/310894441769

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