An Australian perspective of the UFO phenomenon.

I was just thinking that Australian’s seem to be kinda relaxed, easy going and straightforward. We don’t muck about, and telling porkies for fame and sensationalism is frowned upon. Not that we are completely free of these things.., there’s just a lot less. This is probably my biased opinion based on my limited perspective, but I’ll say it anyway. Sorry in advance if I offend anyone.

It seems like we don’t have the same sort of ‘attention seekers’ out for their 15mins of fame.., and a lot of bs comes from the US mainly.., so I think it would be interesting to look at the UFO phenomenon from scratch, using only Australian sources to find an answer.

I’d be interested in finding out things like..,
The very first Aussie UFO report.
How do we define what a UFO is?
How were they reported?
Who investigated the claims?
What were the possible theories on ownership?
What behavioural patterns did the UFOs display?
Have they ever hurt anyone?
Are they deemed a threat?
Are they still being investigated?
What was the police/military response to this unusual aerial activity?
What is the current procedure for reporting unusual aeiral activity?

So forget Roswell, reptillians, Tolec and David Icke for a moment.., and take a trip down memory lane where bs seems less prevalent.

Feel free to post away with whatever info and UFO reports you can find, and I’ll do the same. Then maybe we can collate the data chronologically to see the bigger picture.
We won’t get all the answers, but maybe logic can be used as a filter to help narrow down the possible explanations as to what UFOs are.

1) Hoaxes.
2) Man made craft.
3) Hallucinations.
4) Imagination.
5) Mental disorder.
6) Misidentifications
7) Extraterrestrial.

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