UFO Sighting in Crystal Lake, Illinois on May 10th 2014 – I parked my truck facing west 147am looked out my driver window saw a very bright deep orange color orb/circle flying towards me, grabbed7xbinocs watched itgoeastthenstraightupandGONE

On Saturday May10,2014 at 147am,exactly, I parked my truck facing west as always,there are no streetlights in front of my house, then I looked up in time to see a meteor flash up overhead through the tree top and seconds later a very large bright deep-orange orb/circle of light came into view from the west going east/northeast I grabbed my 7x binocs got out walked into the road to getaclear view and watched it CLEARLY overhead. It had the altitude of a small airplane but it was ONLY a large circle of orange light headed east, then straight up before it left my view so I looked at the time on my phone 147am. It looked EXACTLY the same coming towards me, overhead, and leaving. 60seconds max. I have never seen a light like this before ever. Twas a Truley Amazing sight! no photo taken.

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