UFO Sighting in okanagan centre , British Columbia on June 5th 2010 – 06/05/2010 4:45 pm daytime rectangled-box with curved sides in sky over horses in pasture

daytime 4:30 pm approx. stepped out of backdoor of house,it was a nice day to be outside, enjoying the view looking upward to east hillside ,sky,it was holding in the air not to high up over the horse pastures. quickly into house,called other person to come look at this’ ‘we’re both outside looking at sort of dull color burnt-umber~metal? first thought from me was ,thought it was the basket of a hot-balloon ‘WITHOUT the hot-air balloon top,it looked squarish at higher alt. though as it descended lower the shape obvious not square was rectangular with curved-sides with one window. curved window slight angle . it was in east sunny light from west, descent continued ‘not to ground .object (not like a hover motion) holding very steady in air of sky, it turned slightly yet holding in sky’ one could look into window into the interior of object ,no sun glint on window absolutely ,no reflected light on window at this moment , two beings are in the interior ,they did not seem to know two humans were looking , as the object [POD~ pop can shaped~ ] sightly turned ,one of the grays looked our way, the grays arm motioned with movement to the other gray, the other gray briefly glanced our way . i said to other person “they’re looking at us” ,quickly got into house ,for camera ,for as the gray motioned it’s arm to the other gray,the vessel-pod-object-yes UFO ‘, was Ascending very steadily upward to higher alt. where it started to change . not physically but energy field ~ first whitish , then 3 horizontal color bands. all within pinch of time ,transitional phase ~?perhaps vessel has to get higher up ,air density or air temp colder~ . away 3 bands of color and invisible to human eye . the Fiji 5x did catch something ,looks roundish ,small for it is high up in sky . some one helped put it on DVD ,still trying to figure out this computer. the other person it is up to them ,person did briefly talk about the shape/forms =under part – base of object . grey plane june6 2010 not regular for the airport pre noon approx. radar if radar detects hot air ballons or just the basket part of hot air balloon, then it is possible. ps. i had my disclosure’ having eyes looking back at one another ,from another species ,it is rough ,prefer the well known species .

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