UFO Sighting in Seattle, Washington on May 10th 2014 – Blue sattelite-like object suddenly flashes brilliant white for 1 sec then back to blue

I was on my front porch talking with a friend on a cordless phone. I was looking up at a southbound jet approximately 80 degrees above the horizon which was flying at about 5000 ft. on it’s approach to either Boeing Field or SeaTac Airport. Before I took my gaze away my eye caught movement of what I, at first, thought was a satellite. It was blue and larger than a satellite, and much larger than surrounding stars. I would say it was slightly larger than the ISS looks when it traverses overhead, but not standing out in brightness from the surrounding stars. Its movement and distinct blue color, plus the ‘this is way different factor’ had me instantly. Its heading was northerly, about 12 to 15 degrees West of due North. I was facing East, and at the beginning of the sighting it was right at the crossing point from South into North. The object had no flashing or pulsating lights like a plane, and while blue, its’ appearance was slightly ovoid.
When I saw it, I exclaimed to my friend on the phone, “OMG! I think I’m seeing a UFO! Wow!” Right when I said this, it brightened to white, and as if it had heard me, the white light seemed to roll around and point directly down at me, like a spotlight, becoming intensely bright for about one second. Then, it returned to the still bright, but dimmer white, then back to the blue it started as, continuing in the northerly direction. All this while, I am narrating what I was seeing to my caller, starting to tell him I was going out to my driveway to catch it coming from behind the treetop it had just went behind, when my phone startled me by going beep! beep! beep! beep! and died! I nearly fell over things trying to keep focused on the expected trajectory of the object as I went to my driveway, but the object seemed to have disappeared. I stood and searched the sky carefully, but it was not where it should have been, nor was it anywhere to be seen. I went inside to put my phone on the charger and to call back my friend on my cellphone, when my dead phone rang! It was my friend commenting that we had gotten disconnected. I checked the battery level on the cordless, which had moments before read deader than a doorknob, to find that it was now showing a perfectly good charge. Previous experience said this should not be. I have no explanation for why it died during this sighting, and magically revived without recharging. Also, I have a comparison for what I saw- it was very similar to footage I had seen of UFO’s at Gilliland Ranch.

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