Black Triangle Sighting in Florida on April 26th 2014 – I saw something in my periphial vision, Seemed to be many dim lights on a large object

Went out to back yard patio to star gaze. Happened to notice it in my peripheral vision, much like trying to see a dim star. You can’t see it as well as when looking away from it. Didn’t know what it was when I first saw it. I live in TIA traffic area. Can’t help but see air craft every 5 to fifteen minutes mostly outbound passing here at about 10,500 ft. agl.Also have traffic on final approach to runway 18l going to Clearwater St. Pete airport
This was nothing like that. This was also heading about 75 degrees at high altitude making no noise. If it was a jet it would be to high and far off to hear anyway. I have read of people describing seeing something like looking at cellophane, transparent, or cloaking. This seemed to be a large object with many small lights. It moved smoothly like a large airliner. This was many miles from me at the time. All lights were dim white lights not flashing. Seemed to be delta or sting ray shaped. It had to be several times the size of a C-5. Sighting lasted about 10 seconds. Object left my vision as it moved out of sight because of neighbors tree. Weather was warm, dead calm, no clouds or moon. I believe that this object was very hard to notice unless looking for it. Wife was with me at the time. But after the last ufo I saw with her I didn’t point this one out to her. Never hear the end of it. Why would they be here? Why not contact us? etc. That ufo I didn’t report. Will make one if you wish And forget the religious lectures I went through

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