Invoking a Crop Circle

So …I planted a field of wheat . It’s not very big though – just a 1/2 acre . A 40# bag of Hard Spring Wheat was
exactly enough seed to do the job . I think to view it from above I can ask the neighbor kid to climb a modestly
tall nearby tree to describe what may be seen . Presently the wheat has a hand’s breadth of growth and today
it is gently raining again . Earlier on I feared distress . A resident flock of blackbirds was descending every
morning and harpooning the newly sown wheat seed . Argg!! At first a few birds , then more and more as the
word got around the area and a gathering was underway . Got out the shotgun . Blasted! a warning in the morn-
ing , Blustered! another every evening until , yes , the wheat sprouted properly and I then I could see the healthy
vitality of the stand and thought I wouldn’t have noticed the difference if I’d never paid any mind to the birds at all .

Peace to all that . How might I ask for a crop circle ? I’m reluctant to really expect one . Actually I expect to
harvest the grain , grind it with the mill I aquired this year and make bread .

Once I knew of some hippies who made a round clearing in the forest , then waited for a saucer to land . They
admitted it was very nice camping out and the experience was somewhat like watching tv stoned .

Would a request be like a prayer or ritual or what ? Maybe I tell the birds about it ? A crop circle is some kind
of communication , right ? One aspect of the language is the medium – wheat – life – nature – relates to human –
… ok , I repent of actually killing three of those blackboids .

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