UFO Sighting in Cocoa Beach, Florida on May 3rd 2014 – A solid dark roughly circular object hovering less than 100ft in front of me at the altitude of my 3rd floor condo

5:50 am, May 3,Cocoa Beach,FL
When I first saw it I thought that it was a dark cloud going upward. I was sitting up in bed looking through a 4ft wide glass door toward the ocean.It was wider than the glass door. I first saw it through the railings on our balcony which is on the 3rd floor. From the viewing position the width of the glass was appx 0.4 Radians. Therefore if the object was 100ft away it would have been greater than 40ft in width. Realizing that it wasNOT a cloud, I jumped out of bed, grabbed my glasses and went out onto the balcony. The convex top of the object was above the floor of the balcony and below the level of the balcony railing(24ft above ground) and moving slowly upward. The object continued to move up slowly past me until it was above the level of the balcony ceiling. It was close enough that I felt that I could almost touch it, but it was probably within 100ft away. It stopped at that level for a few (maybe 10 to 20) seconds and then moved South and up at an angle of appx 30 degrees at an extremely high rate of speed with a soft “swish”. It again stopped at the bottom of the low clouds for a few seconds and then moved East and up into the clouds at a moderate rate of speed.
It first appeared to be a roundish disc about 25% as high as wide, with a convex top and with 6 large notches along the visible edge. As it was directly in front of me, it was wider than my direct field of view. Looking directly at it I did not see either end of it. There was no discernible sound above the level of the surf sounds when the object was hovering. When it was some distance South of me there seemed to be 2 or 3 angular protrusions from at least one side.
As I was looking at this object I was astounded and amazed but not frightened at all. I was also screaming for my husband to “get up” which he did but only after it had disappeared into the clouds.

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