UFO Sighting in Gloucester, Massachusetts on May 10th 2014 – egg shape craft

I was standing out on my deck it was around 10 pm last Saturday night and I was looking over at the next street over from my house I saw an egg shape craft with two round white lights on the back of the craft as it was moving away from me the white lights had a red circle of light around the white lights they were not blinking and the craft made no sound at all it just ascended up over the roof top of one of the houses on the next street over from my house and up and over the Tree top then it was gone. I knew it was not a plane or a helicoptor they do not fly that low and they make noise this was totally silent. I couldn’t believe what I saw and was wondering if anyone else had seen it too as I live in a very populated area in the heart of downtown Gloucester, MA. I’m not sure what it was but it was something I know I have never seen before! It lasted about 1 or 2 minutes then I lost sight of it once it had cleared the Tree top. I wasn’t scared looking at it I was just very curious as to what it was. I had no time to grab my camara to snap a picture of it or to wake up my daughter for her to see it.

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