UFO Sighting in Timișoara, Județul Timiș on May 12th 2014 – First it looks like a moving star. After a while it get very bright.

This is the second time I see this type of event. First it looks like a moving star. After A few seconds of observing the moving light (normal star shine) it increases its brightness by 3- 5 times (brighter then the north star by 3-5 times). It looks like the object is boosting their speed and then vanish after a while because the light gets dimmer and dimmer until it vanishes from sight. The sky was very clear, no clouds.

I don’t know of any natural causes for this type of event but if you know what may cause this please let me know? I would really like to know.

Unfortunately I did not have my phone with me to record any video of it again . It seems like it knows when to show it self :))

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