Black Triangle Sighting in Butler, Pennsylvania on May 12th 2014 – I saw a triangle shaped airplane like object as I was turning from decatur onto clark avenueto left out my car window

I was driving home from taking my son to work. It was close to 10:15 pm Monday evening 5-12-14. at the intersection of Decatur and Clark Avenue I was at a stop sign about to turn right onto Clark Ave. Out my left window I saw an object flying slowly with lights under neath .I immediately thought it was a plane but noticed it was triangular. Because it was triangular it made me look a little better, and underneath the center of the bottom I noticed an orange light. There were other lights along the v shape at the point area of the V then down each side of the V- but the orange light in the center of the bottom really caught my eye. I think there were white lights ,but I really don’t remember how many or what other colors there were.Since I was driving I didn’t stay stopped at the intersection, but I noticed it was moving south or Southwest, it seemed more slowly than an airplane would move.I turned right onto Clark which is the street we live on and rushed out of my car . It took me half a minute or so to get to our home. when I got out I tried to see it as soon as I got out of my car but could not see it in the sky either it was gone from my sight or the trees around blocked me seeing it again.when I got out of my car my one son was in the back yard smoking a cigarette and I immediately told him I saw a v shaped object, and I walked to the front yard to look up to see if I could spot it again. I did not see it again. I would really like to know if anybody else saw this object last night. I would love to know. I was pretty excited to see it, and really wondered what it was.

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