The Government is Right – Alien Disclosure Should Not Occur

I’m convinced. After many threads on forums such as this one and much released data from reputable sources that it would be a mistake for the government to acknowledge the existence of aliens observing and interacting with humans on the planet Earth. Why have i reached this conclusion? Have you read the debunkers? In no way would these people accept the existence of alien intelligence even if it were starring them in the face; They would dispute the evidence and if ETs were to appeare on TV they would assure you it was faked. Can you see the problem? Releasing the iron-clad proof of ETs existence would create so many problems that it can not be done – the public will be protected from alien disclosure. And when it comes to ET disclosure you can accep ignorance – for now there is no other answer.

“Beam me up, Scotty. There’s no intelligent life down here”[/I

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