UFO Sighting in Anaheim, California on May 12th 2014 – I have waited my whole life to Make my father who is a very realistic person, to be struck with pure silence!

1.) I was at my fathers house, it was just me and him and it was approximately 1130pm. I was going out side to check out the moon! It was tremendously bright that night.

2.) The first noticed it once walked out my door it was directly to my left about 75 feet away and also how bright it was, but at the same time a dark blue!

3.) I honestly thought it was a remote control device or a drone. But then 6 to 7 helicopters on the left side of the craft still a good 3 to 4 mins away.

4.) It flew kinda like a humming bird because the object would just stop after reaching fast speeds. Also the lights were spinning in the center of this object as the surfaced remained blue. But once Helicopters came in closer it would turned off the blue surface lighting and some how turned vertically instead of horizontally! I had to grab my father because he needed to see this for the reason of believing in the unbelievable! I have waited 20 years, which is my whole life to see a UFO and the fact that my traditional dad with his traditional life can think back to that night and really think bigger then himself on this little blue Marble in the universe.

5.) I have never been more happy in my life. The fact that I can show a video and a story with anyone and even if they try to mock my story, I know it comes from fear that we have a enormous universe and there is still a lot we don’t know!

6.) Once the Helicopters came within 100 yards away or so it fly over the houses and that was the last I saw of that incredible object. Blew my mind

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