UFO Sighting in Bozeman, Montana on January 11th 2014 – white/blue/silver. Two Sphere's

My sister and I were taking our brother to basketball practice around 6:00 PM. I was looking around the sky when I spotted A Glowing sphere hovering stationary. It stayed stationary for about 5 more seconds until it started to ascend and gain speed at the same time. By then I informed my sister and little brother about the UFO. They spotted it soon after. We pulled off the road onto a rest area, and watched the object. It stopped it path of flight and hovered for a few seconds until it released another with,blue glowing orb. The main object started back onto its path of flight, and the second object followed in an almost identical path. Soon after they both were ascending, when the second orb released a faint, and small object. that one fell straight down to the ground and dissipated as it got closer to the ground. After it was gone out of sight. the two objects collided and went back to one larger object and ascended into the sky until it also disappeared from eye sight.

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