UFO Sighting in London, Ontario on May 10th 2014 – 5 Bright Lights Moving In Different Directions

Standing outside after the hockey game (around 10 pm) I noticed 5 lights in the sky, far out and not too high up. The lights seemed to not be moving, but I thought they seemed to move a bit. During the few minutes that I watched I saw the top left (to my sight), bottom left, and top middle lights disperse from one-another and disappear completely.
That left the 2 other lights. They seemed to move together further past my line of sight towards the east.

I tried to get pictures with my cell phone, but unfortunately it was tracing lower lights and ignored what I wanted to capture.

Unfortunately my dad went to the washroom after the game while I was outside and before I could get him from upstairs and out in the back yard the lights were gone.

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