Black Triangle Sighting in Mattoon, Illinois on May 18th 2010 – my brother and friend walking late seen something I will never forget

My brother and my friend were walking to my friends house we stoped by the car dealership on the outskirts of town when suddenly I looked up what I saw I couldnt believe it was so weird I couldnt look away I said dude look what is that my friend and brother both looked as if they seen a ghost this big ship like thing hovered above us I was a lil freaked out told them we should leave they continued to look at it so it just slowly skimmed the sky when it got farther from us it then like the blink of an eye sped off like a rocket or something of that sort since then I have always been very interested in ufos and the extraterestrial I have much more since that inncident I like to go out in the country just to see if I can see anything please get back to me about my occurence

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