Black Triangle Sighting in Morristown, Tennessee on May 13th 2014 – light caught my eye and noticed it was going very fast watched it from horizon to horizon in less than 60 seconds and when it was closest to me there was a pulse of light that came from the object.

I went outside to smoke before I went to bed around 9:15. Tuesday night and all of a suddenI noticed a light at the horizon in the SE coming towards me and realized it was hauling the mail if you know what I mean. At that point it had already traveled probably 60 miles and was right over me maybe a mile away from me and all of a sudden there was a pulse of light that came out and was very very bright. The whole time I’m standing there with my mouth open thinking wtf! I blinked and it just kept on going and was gone. With me still standing there saying WTF!!! I looked down at my cigarette and there was still three-forths of it left. So it went from one horizon because I seen it when it first came over the horizon, to the other horizon in less than 60 seconds. It really could have been about 30 seconds. All I got to say is WTF!!

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