Black Triangle Sighting in Pennsylvania on July 1st 2013 – How not to get abducted By someone who knows about the triangle + orbs

First off I do not know if they are friendly or not some may be some not but they kinda work on a supernatural level what it is I dont exactly know The first thing is always the first so remember this… You will know it in YOUR HEAD FIRST like a haarp signal When You hear a clicking sound like crickets or grasshoppers in Your inner ear know they are very close. before contact they want to contact or abduct You You will know this by not being able to sleep tossing and turning or also by suddenly feeling the urge to have to sleep deep. If so just stay up till the morning light. Maybe I am an idiot for fearing them maybe not. The triangle is HUGE also orbs seem to be like drones checking perimiter ect. capacity to take down outdoor security camera

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