UFO Sighting in Zanesville, Ohio on February 28th 2014 – saw three large bright ufo ships landed and went to take pictures

she came to stop sign and off to right saw a bunch of bright lights and went toward them and saw the three ships with bright lights that had landed and went to take picture of three bright ships
she looked in her rear view mirror and saw two more coming toward her higher in the sky
she decided to leave and the next think she remembered is being in the McDonald’s drive thou feeling spooked and freaked out
she thought she was taking pictures but it was video instead
she says she hears herself on the video just wanting to go home

the pictures show different orbs and shapes

she went home and the lights followed her home and she saw orbs over her home with very bright lights and little orbs coming out from big orb

once inside her home she felt strange and started taking pictures inside her home and saw shapes and orbs in the pictures

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