Black Triangle Sighting in Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 5th 2006 – it flew overhead, stopped, shot a visable to the ground and flew off.

I went outside to check the weather so I could head out to my friend’s house for the night. As I went outside, I saw the UFO flying overhead about 70-80 feet above the ground coming from the southwest. It hovered over the field of my apartment complex for a moment. It was solid black but it was low enough that craft outline could be determined as a triangle. when it hovered I was intrigued by the lack of sound in the area. I then noticed a small white light appear on the base of the craft and a large illuminated area of the apartment building adjacent to mine appeared on it’s roof and traveled down the wall side. hit the common area of grass. and began to scan the ground. only when it head my direction did I head back to my apartment and hide. It flew off towards north west. I know this because I went back outside about 10 minutes later to see it again over some houses with it’s light. it stayed there about 5 minutes and traveled a very acute angled south east.

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