Reynolds, Roswell, and Rudiak

I’m reminded what a sad little man Rich Reynolds is, albeit impossibly obnoxious.  Linked at the bottom, he holds forth, a turbid popinjay with a stick up his bum, strutting imagined ramparts of a ufological conundrum about which he has forever demonstrated only a capacity to be a puddle-deep and hubristic piss-wit.  This is the type of piss-wit who laughs up soggy sleeves at that which he has no capacity to understand, no aptitude to accept, no ability to incorporate, and no skill to even recognize!  Such is, and has always been, demonstrated so. 

 He and the small crow’s murder of equally hubristic martinets flocking to the little field toilet that is the link upcoming, contribute their toxic and bizarro reductionist bon mots, anti-bon mots as self-interested as they are cowardly and as inane as they are witout imagination.  They are a blight on the rising and the advancing of the human spirit, initiative, and braver work.  They define the disingenuous. 

One need go no further than to see them castigate, cat-call, mock, and otherwise ridicule the work of the giant that is David Rudiak.  A more inbred and intellectually benign argle-bargle spouting coterie could hardly be assembled.  Like rats in a poisoned maze of 89 fervidly smirking comments.

David Rudiak is a lettered scientist who uses science to adhere to a scientific spirit, first, provides detailed and well written research initiatives of exhaustive citation, second, and third?  He provides what can handily be described as the “smoking gun” for a Roswell that can ONLY be an example of the strangest of the highly strange.  The Ramey memo:  UFOs, up close and personal.  …So far up a circumspect nose you feel knees on your top lip.

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