UFO Sighting in Ewa Beach, Hawaii on October 10th 2008 – 2 lights very far apart, alternating bright flashes, about 11 seconds apart

While in the backyard star gazing, satellite watching, my attention was drawn to a part of the night sky by what seemed like a very bright.. brighter than normal flash.

I turned and watched in the direction I thought it came from. After what seemed like a while, I saw it again but more straight on.

I waited to see if it would do it again, another flash to my right occurred. At first I thought to myself “Its moving!” but then about 10 seconds later, the initial one flashed again, far to the left, had to be 1 mile apart from each other.

I called for my wife to come out. She came out and I pointed and said Wait, just watch. A few seconds later, Flash! She said “what’s that?” I said, now wait, watch over there now. 10 seconds or so.. Flash!

back over to the original spot 11 seconds.. Flash!!

Very Bright, Lots of time in between and 2 spots in the sky, far apart. To me looks like they could be signalling each other but I’m sure that doesn’t make sense as they’d certainly be able to communicate beyond flashing lights, so maybe it was both ends of 1 ship?

Whatever it was, it just stopped flashing after about 10 minutes of back and forth very bright flashes.

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