UFO Sighting in Mineola, New York on March 31st 1969 – My friends and I were playing freeze tag in my neighbors back yard when out of nowhere the ufo appeared above the tree in the yard.

I was about 12 years old and my friend John Murchison lived down the block. We were all playing in his yard that afternoon,(don’t remember if school was out yet, that is why I put APRIL) we were playing freeze tag amongst other games. Evidently they (the UFO)were either watching us from a distance for a while or just came out of nowhere.
All of a sudden we all heard a humming noise, stopped playing , looked up and right above the tree was the ufo , it was a saucer with what appeared to be a section below with windows and I could clearly see humanoid figures watching us play.
Perhaps they were intrigued by the freeze tag game OR they were just watching us have fun… I don’t know.
In a matter of seconds after we saw the craft we all screamed and ran inside to find john’s mother Mary saying the Rosary and watching the ufo.
As soon as we went inside and looked out it was gone.

To this day I have been obsessed with Ufo’s and wish to see them again.

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