UFO Sighting in St. Louis, Missouri on May 11th 2014 – object appeared out of no where and disappeared. reappeared about 30 secs later and disappeared again.

It was Mother’s Day and me and my girlfriend were sitting out on the rear deck of our home. I was staring up at the sky watching an airplane fly by. Then while watching the airplane I suddenly saw an oval shaped object appear in the sky. I watched it and noticed it was moving in a straight line from east to northeast. It just appeared out of no where and stayed in the sky approximately 8-10 seconds and disappeared. I immediately yelled to my girlfriend “Did you see that?” She stated, “No.” I got up from my deck chair and moved towards the northeast corner of my rear deck and told my girlfriend to join me. She got up and came to my location and we watched the sky in hope to see the object again. We stood there approximately 60 seconds and watched the sky. All of a sudden the object re-appeared and we both saw it. It did the same as before and still appeared to be traveling northeast in the sky but further ahead of the last location i saw it. This time the when the object appeared it stayed visible for about 10 seconds and then disappeared. We observed the sky for another 10 minutes or so and the object never re-appeared. The object was shaped like an oval and it appeared to be solid and then transparent like. I want to add that the sky was free from clouds and it was still daylight. When I first saw the commercial airplane travelling from Northwest to southeast the plane never faded or disappeared from sight. Me and my girlfriend stood there and was silent as we tried to figure out what we observed. The experience gave me chill bumps. Really bizarre.

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