Who is worthy of your trust?

In today UFO research this is a critical question: Who is worthy of your trust?

1- People like Trevor J Constable that presented observational data in his book of 1958: “They Live in the Sky”, well before any human artifact was in space, and that observational data have been confirmed by multiple independent videographers all around the world, even confirmed by un-official footage from the Space Station( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8F7rFAQOWI).
2- Or, the “scientific community” that even can not acknowledge something that have been witnessed personally by multiple persons and captured in video in innumerable occasions?

1- People like Trevor J Constable that using his own resources funded all his research by pure passion and real scientific curiosity as many of today’s UFO researchers.
2- Or salaried scientists/academics that have a position/career/tenure/salary that could be placed in danger if his/her research/statements goes out of line and or policy, there is not real independency for any scientist today in these conditions.

1- People like Trevor J Constable that give you step by step procedures to follow to duplicate his observations, done then by many people and confirmed independently.
2- Or, the “scientific community” that build theories ignoring the reality of anomalies, these “pseudo-scientific” theories will be inaccurate because they are ignoring an important aspect of reality, even grandiose statements like “The expansion of the Universe”, “The Big Ban” all of that have to be seen now with a big question mark besides them because the existence and presence of anomalies have been ignored when formulating all of that, if anomalies are astronomical in number on earth vicinity then we can assume that their number in a Cosmic scale have to be cosmic in its dimension, so they will have a Cosmological effect, that have been ignored too.

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