Alien Encounter in Hamilton, Ohio on January 1st 1952 – This happened multiple times in the 1950's to me. I floated out bedroom window.

I was always at my grandmothers house that was at the top of a hill in an area called 5 points in Hamilton, Ohio. This was more than 1 time and possibly more than 3 times. My recollection after more than 60 years is a little fuzzy.
I felt like a bowling ball was put in my mouth so I could not scream or yell for help. I did not feel like it affected my breathing. I floated in a horizontal position out an open bedroom window. I was aware of a being standing or floating next to me.
I mentally said or visualized being frightened but the entity assured me it would be alright. Next thing I know I was in a room that was all white and very bright lying on a table or platform.
The bowling ball feeling was gone and the beings mentally ‘talked’ to me. Something like hearing in my brain without words, just images and reassurances that all is ok.
These incidents happened at least 3 times over a 2 year period. All were very similar in nature. After a while I sort of became ‘used’ to them and not so frightened.
I feel over the years I have been ‘tracked’ or watched. So when I was about 35 years old I mentally tried to contact whomever these entities were. I made contact one night about 11 pm after trying for several nights to do this.
The incident scared me so much I never tried to do it again. I don’t remember anything except that I was very scared and ‘instructed’ not to do this again. I know how ridiculous this whole thing must sound as I reread what I have typed here. At 67 years old I feel I must tell someone about these things. Being nearer to the end of life than in the middle, I just wanted to get it off my chest.
I have COPD and am facing a double lung transplant this summer(2014). That is a risky operation so this is another factor in my reporting these things.
I have not ever read or heard about anyone else having the bowling ball in mouth effect so maybe this is something new.
I hope this report helps in proving or disproving the alien theory.

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