UFO Sighting in Big Bear, California on April 26th 2014 – watching sunset, taking pictures, saw in pictures

My girlfriend and I went camping along with some friends the weekend of April 26th, 2014 at Big Bear,CA. There was a great view of the mountain ranges and sunset so we went. For whatever reason we took some pictures of the range, and sunset. Although we didn’t see this object in person while taking the pictures or watching the sunset, later on we looked back and saw a glowing orb like sphere in them. In some pictures it looks round with a green glow, and in some it “flattens” out and has little shapes inside of it. The object looks as if it is stationary in the trees, then it “takes off” for lack of a better term. These pictures disturb us because we didnt see it in person yet they showed up on camera. If you could please take a look at them I would greatly appreciate it.Maybe someone can explain what was out there that day.

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