UFO Sighting in London, on May 8th 2014 – Fuzy lights in the sky, probably some rave kight show but my neighbour asked me what they were, I alerted my girl friend and none of us could quite see hoew the lightshow was projected, I have seen lightshows projected into clouds before. Maybe this was o

OK I was walking up my road from the shop when a middle aged lady, turns out to be neighbour, asked me what those lights were. I looked at the blueish lights dancing around in the clouds and said “Probably a light show, but thanks, interesting” Then I went indoor got my cellphone alerted girl friend and we took pics and vids. My theory was lasers or light show from ground but we could see no beams shining up. Short story I was puzzled enough to report this as unidentified. If anyone can tell me of a light show west of SW14 London on 8/5/2014 I can explain it to my neighbour.

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