UFO Sighting in Millen, Georgia on May 15th 2014 – Bright light, growing in intensity, breaks into multiple lights

I was driving north on Highway 25 between Statesboro, Ga, and Millen, Ga, when I saw a bright light to my northeast. At first, I thought it was a planet. Suddenly, it grew brighter, and brighter, and appeared orange-red, almost flame-like. It then split into three distinct lights, before disappearing. I did not observe it move in a direction or descend/ascend. After observing for 10 seconds, it disappeared.

I’m a reporter for the FOX station in Augusta, Ga, and was driving home from Florida.

I stopped in Millen to see a co-worker of mine, who was reporting on a hostage situation in the town. About 45 minutes after my encounter, she called me and informed me that she had seen a similar phenomenon. In her case, she described the multiple lights “stacking” as if in formation. Her sighting was to the south of her. This was have put the object in the same place I saw it, while I was looking northeast, driving south of Millen.

It truly was bizarre. I have asked Fort Gordon if they had any exercises going on, and they were not aware of any.

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