UFO Sighting in Akron, Ohio on April 12th 2008 – i watched a bright grenish blue object flying fron the northeast moving west i then witnessed it hovering maybe a mile and a half from me after watching it for about 5 min it left the area backnortheast if i would have blinked i would have missed it.

i was pulling into my drive way, i had never seen anything like it before and have been around aircraft all my life.when I first noticed it I thought it was a star but then i quckly noticed it was moving very fast moving from northeast toward the west it then stoped dead and hovered for about 5 min. It was kind of domed shaped on top but flat on the bottom there was no soun and the color it seemed to be glowing it was bluish green very bright in color. after the sighting sighting i almost couldnt believe what i had seen, told my family what i had seen right after the sighting i was vey excited. it went back toward the north east very fast it was out of my sight within a half of a second if i would have blinked i would have missed its leaving

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