UFO Sighting in Antioch, California on May 16th 2014 – i went out with my brother to sky watch looking for ufo's at 9:30 pm around 10:15 my brother was at the edge of a cover in the side yard i seen it first and pulled my brother out of the side to see it it lasted 5 min

me and my brother went outside to sky watch look for ufo’s we do that allot and hope bto see something we got lucky around 10:15 pm my brother went in the side yard we sit in the front yard next to the side gate looking towards the east he lit a cigarette he was under the 20×10 cover in the side i was talking to him looking at him that would be north i lit a cigarette and we were talking and then i looked up and saw a bright white light it was moving fast i pulled my brother out of the side he seen and got the binoculars i tried to take a pic but couldn’t make it out it looked like a star on my camera my brother said it was matalic and wobbling it looked like it was wobbling but it would stop go up down side to side then it would take off fast then stop again and do the same thing then it was about 2 minutes and it flickered out a few seconds latter it came back on even brighter than before it was brighter than the brightest star no sound at all it lasted 5 minutes it went farther out where it went behind houses i didnt see it again we have many jet liners flying over the city 24/7 they come from and to san jose,oakland and sfo airports we have jets that fly over my neighborhood we hear them day and night and a helicopter was out with a green and red light on the other jets and other airplanes have strobes and red and blue lights i know what a satellite looks like it isnt close to being as bright as what me and my brother saw and i even see military jets fighter jets and helicopters they go to and come from Travis air force base but i never seen such a military presents since we been having all the ufo’s the last 3 or 4 years one time me and my brother saw a fighter jet chasing 3 amber reddish orange orbs they flew over my house and all 3 orbs blinked out the fighter jet turned to the left like he was going back to the base i really like to talk to someone about my sightings its easier for me to tell someone than to sit here in bad pain typing i had a call from someone from mufon but it was a broken up message i couldn’t get his name or full phone number the reception was broken up ill keep my eyes open and report everything i see

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