UFO Sighting in Hickory, North Carolina on May 29th 2013 – Frequent activity in the area.

This activity has been observed for the last few years. Activity can only be documented with the aid of a digital camera. I had been recording flying cigars, cones, disc for sometime. On this particular afternoon I was hoping to get more digital shots of the flying cigars. Upon viewing the camera cards on the computer, I realized this was not the usual cigars but something else. It was wide, flat and moved through the sky as if being flown under control.Please find attached 6 digital shots, P529-0274 shows the subject coming into view on the lower left. The other 5 digital shots show its path, with the last P529-0279 showing the exit. It would appear that this is a UFO that has under gone mor-pho-sis.

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