What Were Those Secret Flying Wing Aircraft Spotted Over Texas?

Do you remember when UFO didn’t mean Intergalactic Alien Mothership?


So what exactly were those mysterious “flying Doritos” booking it high over the Texas Panhandle, and more recently, Wichita, Kansas? Nobody may be able, or willing, to give you a definitive answer, but Foxtrot Alpha is here to lay out all of the possibilities of what’s almost certainly one of the military’s big secrets.

In the skies above the U.S. there have been multiple reports of what are referred to as flying wing aircraft traveling overhead. None of the images seem to match up to anything anyone has seen before — at least no one with ability to talk about it. In the first part of this analysis we’ll focus on all the manned possibilities.

What We Know

This new photo, taken in Wichita, Kansas by photographer Jeff Templin a few weeks ago,shows a triangular planform twin engine aircraft with some detail. His report of the sightingstates that the aircraft was executing s-turns high overhead, with no sound coming from the craft at all. If the mystery jet was trying to slow down, or at least increase its travel time over a finite distance, which the execution of s-turns usually signify, the engines may have been at idle, or at low power settings, thus the sound may have been greatly diminished. This is especially true on an aircraft that most likely has its engines mounted deep inside its fuselage and its exhaust set above and inward of the aircraft’s trailing edge. There is also the distances involved, probably around five miles or more straight up, which can greatly dissipate sound.

Meanwhile, Steve Douglass, the original spotter of a trio of flying wings that were making their way over Amarillo Texas, and many others now watching the skies over America’s heartland, recently spotted a trio of B-2s Spirit bombers executing what appeared to be an exact reenactment of the original sighting over a month earlier.

The whole B-2 reenactment was truly strange display for multiple reasons. First off, seeing a trio of B-2s in relatively close formation is a rare sight to begin with, and Steve, who monitors the airspace around his hometown thoroughly, attests to this. Second, the fact that these B-2s appeared after Steve’s original sighting made national news is even stranger.

What is even more odd, and possibly telling in its own right, is that the public affairs officer at Whiteman AFB, where all but one of 20 B-2s live (aside from any getting work done at Plant 42 in Palmdale CA or temporarily deployed), unequivocally denied that their aircraft were flying over Texas at the time of the original flying triangle formation sighting. Maybe this original denial was premature as it seems likely that the DoD now wants to confuse and/or discredit Steve’s account of the original event by presenting the same exact activity by a formation of very unclassified B-2 Spirits.

This tactic of disinformation, or outlandish coincidence, may have backfired, as this follow-up event gave Steve and many other sky watchers a great control variable for which to gauge their prior experiences and photographic evidence against. Additionally, even though many people saw the recent B-2 flyby on high, and photographed it accordingly, nobody looked at their images and saw unknown flying triangles as Steve and his friend Dean did on the day of their original encounter in early March.

Now that we have another possible photo of the aircraft in question, one that is more detailed in nature than those taken by Steve and his friend Dean Muskett, as well as the fairly lame B-2 formation stunt pictures, both of which add to the validity of Steve’s original sighting, let’s take a look at the possible theories as to what these shy aircraft may or may not be.

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