UFO Sighting in Aledo, Texas on January 4th 2008 – Object appeared to sort of glow. Hovered, drifted down and then took off like a rocket in a sw direction. No sound. It was huge.

The object was sighted from my yard looking northwest at about or before sunset. It was approximately Jan. 3~5th of 2008. I was home alone and no one else saw it. I at first thought it was fireworks of some kind since it was so soon after New Year’s eve but it was the only object and there was no noise of fireworks present. The object appeared to give off light and it was bright. It was about the size of a silver dollar at arms length or larger. It was completely silent the entire time. It seemed to drift forward then down a little then as it got close to the tree tops it shot off like a rocket towards the SW towards the direction of Stephenville, Texas. It was gone in a blink of an eye it was so fast but still absolutely quite. Sound travels out here and you can hear any planes or gunshots but there was no sound to be heard. This is a rural area and you can hear the sound of jets flying into and from Fort Worth and DFW airport and Carswell NAS. There was no air traffic heard or seen at that time.

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