UFO Sighting in Epping, New Hampshire on May 31st 1996 – strange brightly colored hovering object right above treeline

I was 11 or 12 standing in my driveway facing the road when I noticed a strange, brightly colored object hovering (or moving very very slowly, it’s hard to remember exactly) above the trees. We lived in a very densely wooded area of New Hampshire at the time, and there was nothing around that I could have mistaken it for (no signs or anything, just green nature). It was very bright red/red Orange with bright yellow detailing like stripes and shapes. The surface appeared to be some sort of shiny plastic, with no sharp corners. I remember thinking it looked almost toy like. There was no sound coming from it as it moved just above the top of the trees, and then suddenly it was just gone. It was so brief that I thought I had imagined it, but I remember very distinctly those bright colors and the way it sat just a few feet from the top of the trees. I didn’t really tell many people about it, because I wasn’t really sure exactly what I had seen. Recently, my roommate and I were trading ufo stories (I’ve seen other strange light anomalies as an adult, but nothing like what I saw in the 90s). He told me the story about his mother and about 20 other people witnessing a flying object matching the exact description of the object I saw. This occurred in the 1970s. I asked him to encourage his mother to file a report with Mufon, so I hope she does.

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