Denying the reality of anomalies makes you irrelevant.

By denying the reality of anomalies you are placing yourself in a position of irrelevancy.

It is becoming more difficult denying the reality of anomalies, the evidence is mounting day by day.

If you, a person/organization/institution do not realize this reality you are placing yourself in apposition of irrelevancy because you are denying an important part of reality that have been confirmed multiple times. By ignoring/denying that you are being delusional, then can we really trust anything that is coming from you? If you are unable/unwilling/incapable to perceive one part of reality can we really trust your perceptions in any other part of reality? Can we really believe your theories, your worldview?

By ignoring that your are basically explicitly or implicitly saying that your perceptions are limited, that your are limited in what you can perceive/accept/understand. It does not really matter your academic position or contributions, you have missed an important part of reality and by doing that your contributions are limited too and should be subject to revision, anything that did not took in count the reality of anomalies must be subject to revision and be questionable.

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