Possible Aliens In The Human Rank (A Discussion Of Possiblites)

As We See It We Think of Aliens As Different Forms Ex Greys. What About Aliens That Take Human Form And Stay That Way

i believe that abductions are possible visits back to their orgin as most people (aka believers which is flattering to my kind i will explain after the chunk of information)

they have memory of previous life or what the case is were removed until actual decision is made. we see cases as abductees would not have been visited if you were not

originated from a different type. only a different and rare occurrence will visions and realization return lost memory to those who are chosen ex. myself or i would not have

ability to explain or belief this very discussion typing up rarely are human cases 100% Accurate as to abudction the main cases humans are abucted because of their placement

because it is limited allotment of cases or what is deemed scenarios. but because of film making etc. ex district, Prometheus all that sort of propaganda has ignited belief. what if the film maker had some sort

of belief. the clues are evident its to what you can catch on to. but in this case on site many people will argue who are non believers which is confusing because if you joined the site. it is expected that you

belief. that this is simply not true and is disregarded. now after that is complete i will explain what i said earlier

i realized that after catching to hints. such as knowing a language that is proven in a different kind of eye as real. such as “mundai amachia” = hello how are you and to rare occurrence does another

human catch on as the Egyptian belief is what is understanding. even so those living in supposed “fantasy worlds” may have knowledge and retained memories glimpsing their actual person. anyways i

understand. the expected kind of system is written symbols which date back to Egyptian language and is it glorified and understanded is confusing but is misconstrued anyways i would however

like to discuss with believers so i dont get all kind of cristism as stated earlier “why did you join the site if you would be expected belief but for those who do discussions i welcome into this”

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