UFO Sighting in Fort Worth, Texas on May 28th 1987 – Had us mesmerized

This happened back in 1987 to me, my brother and a friend and we still talk about it to this day. Others also witnessed it 20 miles from us and they said it was over them. We told our friends it was right over and above us. This UFO was giant compared to what they show on TV, like lights hovering and moving around in all directions. This was like a mirror was placed over the sky and reflected all lights on earth or city. This sighting made a strange humming light vibrating noise and we could feel it like a magnetic sense. We were mesmerized by it; it was stationary for about 5 minutes then suddenly disappeared straight up? This reminds me of the movie chicken little from 2005 where a small UFO used a mirror to camouflage itself���.exactly like that but very large in size. I���ve told this story before to very few and they just look at me like I made it up. We were driving home from a late shift and my younger brothers happen to look up from the back seat in the car, he freaked out we stopped the car and got out. One strange thing we noticed is the rail road lights were going off but no train in sight. The car stereo also stopped working. After it left straight up we all stared at each other in amazement and felt like some time had been removed? I wish others would come forward and give details on this.

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