UFO Sighting in Warrenton, Missouri on May 17th 2014 – Around 11PM my wife let out the dog in the front of the house. She then called out to me to come immediately. When I came out I saw 6 or seven orange glowing lights in an ark not moving. They started changing to white and then disappeared one at a time.

At around 11 oclock at night we my wife took the dog out to the front yard. She then called to me to come out andf I saw an arch of orange lights.There were about 6 or 7 lights that seemed to pulsate. This arch was huge and silent. Then they started to change from orange to white and disappeared from the left bottom to the right. When they all disappeared I saw another which appeared bigger coming fron the east and then taking it place in what was an arch. My wife and I have worked on military bases for over 17 years and we know the characteristcs of flares and chaff. This was neither. I do feel different after seeing this.

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