Needles NV, incident

I came across this local media report and was pretty amazed at this…seems this was an obvious secret military operation to recover a downed ETV, but how did they know it was going to crash, as it was flying fine at first..??

I-Team: Chasing UFO’s on the River – 8 News NOW

Im very interested in these sighting reports that involve military aircraft, helicopters or jets, that are either chasing, following, or being chased in some cases, some of the witnesses say many of these military craft are un-marked, something that is highly illegal, unless its CIA owned, so I think just this fact alone, we can show ‘something’ is going on that definitely involves extraterrestrial crafts in our skies.

If the mods see this, Id like to start a ‘ufonauts’ sticky thread about sightings that involve military aircraft chasing/ being chased by UFOs…ID like to see how many of these incidents are happening and see how often they are occurring.

I think once I get enough of these reports, Im going to compile a file to send to my congressmen and anyone else I can find, and DEMAND some answers.

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