UFO Sighting in Forney, Texas on April 30th 2014 – hovers in the area above my home

I 1st saw UFO in Quinlan Tx. 11 yrs ago. I was in my yard gardening. I saw two ships using clouds for cover on a cloudless day. One moved over my house the other dropped down to follow gliding across the sky. From that day forward I have heard strange noises and seen odd entities around my house. I have had many bad experiences since.
I have moved from Mesquite to Quinlan to Forney and have been followed to each city. I have been tormented,terrorized and physically attacked, by the “evil hive” of greys and company that has been hovering over my home and following me. I hear a loud high pitched sound like locust. They use a tool they call a portal that emits very damaging energy from their ship. This tool radiates energy from the sun it is pointed at me and my home non stop. I have severe burns on my head, hair loss, face, damage all over body. I stay swollen and feeling crushed from being sprayed by this portal. My home and interior & cars have severe damage…evidence of being sprayed by this weapon-comlink/portal/cloaking/tracking device.
This tool allows them to speak, travel, to enter your home, your car and to follow you cloaked. They attach.
The individuals come into your home using this portal to damage and talk non-stop using your brain all day/all night. They speak “english”. They have stated humans are used for sport as we are easy prey. They come into your home while you are sleeping and cause great damage. They are thieves they steal what they want and damage the rest, constantly threatening. They especially enjoy bragging about attacking children any age, touching and groping their private parts and using subliminal messaging to get them to act out.
They bend light,using portal to appear as apparitions, appear as orbs, shapes as small as a penny to large, from white to dim to black. This has been going on for 11 years. I do not wish to scare anyone. I am terrified….. I can mail you pictures I have drawn if needed.

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