Kenneth Arnold said in 1962: UFOs are living beings.

Kenneth Arnold the coiner of the term “Flying Saucers” in 1947 said in November 1962:

“It is my conclusion that the so-called unidentified flying objects that have been seen in our atmosphere are not spaceships from another planet at all, but are groups and masses of living organisms that are as much a part of our atmosphere and space as the life we find in the oceans. The only major difference in the space and atmospheric organisms is that they have the natural ability to change their densities at will.”

“We” have been conditioned to think that the UFO are “crafts” and have occupants, etc. That is a myth.

What is called Ufology should actually be a part of Biology.

Even in “our” carbon based life forms world the manifestations, colors, forms and all its variety is really very hard to understand and make some sense out of it, mimicking is pervasive in the carbon based living beings, another common feature of anomalies: they can mimic almost anything, but that does not implies intelligence necessarily. Now if we try to imagine the “modus operandi” of a completely “alien” life form based on plasma-energy-electromagnetic traps/containers then it will be very, very hard to make any sense at first look of all its manifestations/motivations etc.

Regarding the “non-material/Para-physical” interpretations I think that that is a “primal” response to something that appears to be out of our grasp and understanding, it is a withdrawal from a scientific approach.

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