Mars Anomalies- NASA Image- Pharaoh Statue Snake Heads And Numbers Found

This is one of the most fascinating NASA images ever. The objects seen in it are simply incredible. There is an Egyptian Pharaoh like statue with a very defined cut stone path leading down to it, two snake head carved statues,mouths open and poised to strike. A cliff shelf with neatly organized objects,and most incredible of all NUMBERS. The numbers 4 and 8 are found within close proximity of each other and appear centered on the objects they are on. That the numbers are 4 and 8 is also pretty incredible …halves or multiples of each other…an indication of the use of math. The 4 written as it is would be very difficult to find occurring naturally.
The use of numbers as they are seen used here make one wonder if this site was an archaeological site…with items and areas numbered to be kept track of.

There are also a number of possible structures to be seen. Which look very much like houses or buildings on Earth.

The snake heads are incredibly detailed. The fangs,tongues,and eye can be seen very clearly.
The striking cobra image was used to evoke fear and promised protection in ancient Egypt.So it’s very interesting to find it here in this image in combination with a Pharaoh like figure. Snakes figured prominently in ancient Egyptian culture. They were also a sign of sovereignty and the cobra was also worn on the royal head dress or crown.

The site in this image overall is pretty amazing.
Could there have been a Mars Earth connection?
Were both Mars and Earth visited by an alien race that gave rise to similar works and construction?
Was earth visited by Martians in the distant past? We have many tales of visitation from “gods” that came from “the heavens” in our past.
Could this all be happenstance?
When looking at these images ,seeing how some items come together, it becomes very difficult to believe that this could all be

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