UFO Sighting in Havelock, North Carolina on June 1st 1973 – Marine F4 knock out of the air

Cherry Point N.C. Marine airbase, while at L.A.A.M. Battalion. light anti-aircraft missile battalion around noon 1973, checked Power for base backup radar & comm unit, a F4 already in air was advised of 3 bogies, pilot flew tree level to below bogies & advised camera key locked & bogies in sight, radar op advised tracked bogies at 10 mach on slowing to stop, while pilot talking, comm unit got crackle, radar opt soon adv of sparkles where radar picks up falling debris, this E4 was expelled from area, later held by suits & MP & later released, I vaguely remember something in paper about aircraft failure, but was a log time ago. Same base 2yr later my cousin MP D Perryman Miami Fl was at air strip where was buzzed by UFO, many stories involved Cherry Point. I file this report for all to know as I am now a senior citizen, which I have some more before & after military.

Thanks USMC E4 J. Rowe

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