Black Triangle Sighting in London, Ontario on May 17th 2014 – multiple object flyover, following same path, first two objects triangular with three lights

Late Saturday night (before midnight) I was watching the last bit of fireworks out my window and noticed a moving set of lights far above the fireworks and began filming. The video shows what I saw – The last of the first object passing slowly overhead, much larger than a plane only two lights were showing at this point, both on the same object. It becomes obscured by a tree and comes in sights again for a few seconds before moving out of sight behind my house. I look back to the point in the horizon where the first object appeared from and the second object appears, definite triangle shape made of three lights, same speed and direction on the same path, blinking lights, the object appears to be wobbling or spinning, changes the direction it faces but not the direction it moves. The second object goes behind the tree, comes into sights again for a few seconds before going behind the house out of sight. I look towards the horizon spot again and a few more objects follow the same path and speed, the video is the whole ten minute sighting minus the few seconds prior to turning on and focusing the camera. I filmed it because I have a moderate interest in the unknown and the objects were worth documenting as I haven’t seen this particular triangle formation before. No change in feelings. I can share the video but I don’t want to give exclusivity to any one site at this point.

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