UFO Sighting in Enfield, Connecticut on May 21st 2014 – saw an orb followed by to helicopters on close pursuit

I just pulled into my parking space with my girlfriend and heard a helicopter coming over the front of my condo..I then got out of my ca r and looked up expecting to see a helicopter and saw a amberish orb going straight over my head and the over the tree line out of sight …as soon as I saw it realizing it wasn’t a helicopter I said out loud what the hell is that..as soon as Isaid that my neighbor also said yeah what the hell is that…I didn’t even know she was out side…right after that a big black milatary looking hrlicopter csme over head in the ecact flight path trying to catch up…snd about ten seconds after thst a small helicopter cam by in the same flight path with a spot light out in front of it…all parties that witnessed we in dhock and awe not kniwing what we just saw

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