UFO Sighting in Pennsylvania on May 11th 2014 – A laser of light I had to approach, then was given an extraordinary amount of ibformation in very short time

I was asleep. I woke up with a need to go outside. I went out, there was a light shining on a rock. I touched the rock and was given a vision. I’ve never had visions, I’m not mentally ill and not even interested in this and certainly won’t talk about it. I’ve been married to a narcotics detective twenty years with two teenage boys. I’m not a sceptic or a believer to this point. When I touched this rock within 30 seconds I was given thousands of years of history of how “aliens” were here many thousand years ago and what they are doing. I was given information that a planet knew many thousand years ago their planets Sun would die. They wanted to make a new home. They found our planet they found out conditions were comparable to them. They have decided they didn’t want to do the necessary things that need done to make the planet functional for them. They showed pictures of different species to develop the planet they experimented with. They showed me the help they have given along the way. They need certain things mined built and ready for them. They have given certain scientists and others knowledge the way it was given to me. They gave us religion so we work together because ants work well together, bees work well together but they had to make us more advanced to get us to work together, religion. They have given us the ability to understand how to process DNA but only the knowledge to use it minimally. They gave us fear of criminals and criminal elements so eventually the world will have every humans DNA filed from birth. They are able to read which of the humans by that they will keep when they come. I’m not religious per say but the rapture as we understand it is somewhat true but based on our genes. Almost like whatever people they need to further them will be used. They have astronauts kind of like we do that intervene if necessary, but it would have taken them too many resources to prepare our planet, that’s why we are here and they give us motivations to go in the direction they want. They need mercury gold other metals. They need computers much more sophisticated than what we have, we are laying their groundwork. They will live in harmony with us to the best of their ability when they come,but not everyone will benefit the society. That’s why we have been given DNA knowledge. I can’t write everything I was shown it would take forever. But the information was given to me in thirty seconds. I don’t know why ME, I’m nobody just a mother disabled with lupus. I spent 8 years in army reserves as supply specialist ages ago. There is absolutely nothing extraordinary about me. The light was a v shape the size of a small plane. The beam that came down was like a laser beam and I could do nothing but walk to where it shone and touch it. It didn’t hurt it felt like nothing, but in the 30 seconds I was there I was given 3 lifetimes of information. It was specific it was visual and I retained it. I don’t want to ever tell anyone this because they will think I’m nuts. I would think they were nuts. But I thought someone should have this knowledge,nd your the only people on the Yahoo I could see to tell. It’s not like I can call the president and tell him.
Anyway I wish there was a way I could give you all the things I learned, but I’m a busy mom and don’t want to be responsible for this information, I really just want to forget it but my brain keeps putting it back no matter what else I try to think about. So I’m hoping I told you it will be over. A lot of the information I was given I don’t even understand. But cave people were not the first people. We have been started over on more than one occasion. They have to be careful we have enough information to advance the planet where they want it but not too much where we blow our planet up and ruin it. They are walking a tightrope of sorts and not even as ‘ll them always agree and we are a work in progress.
Thank you for taking this information, hopefully it’s not mine anymore.

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