UFO Sighting in Rowlett, Texas on May 22nd 2014 – Bright red light swaying through the sky, about plane hight, was moving fast, and was going in and out. Acted like a firefly, but was too high, red, and too fast.

1. I was walking home from a walk.

2. From the corner of my eye I saw a red light.

3. I thought it was a plane.

4.The object was just a consistent red light, it swayed through the sky and went in and out as if it were going in and out of clouds, but there were no clouds. The way it moved at that speed was almost impossible. It acted and appeared almost as a firefly, but red, big, high, and fast.

5. After seeing it, I knew it wasn’t typical aircraft. It was unusual, and that interested me enough to report it and tell others.

6. I lost sight of the object after seeing it traveling fast and far enough to be out of sight within seconds.

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