UFO sightings and people expectations.

This have been analyzed already in different context, but I want to analyze the bias that produce people expectations in sightings reports by active observers.

It have been injected in our minds since childhood that UFOs are crafts with pilots/occupants etc. That is even an expectation in many UFO enthusiasts, but any careful study of sightings reports as done for example in Gri Keel’s 1970 book “Operation Trojan Horse” reveals that the majority of sightings are of anomalous/shape-shifting/morphing objects.

My personal observing experience confirms that, variable/morphing anomalies are the absolute majority of objects that I had observed, only a very few: the elliptic objects, could be considered as “craft”, but even some elliptic objects observed at some point changed shape.

But that expectation, deeply rooted in people’s minds, somehow have an influence in what is reported and posted for example in YouTube, it is like a self-fulfilling prophesy, let me put a concrete example taken from two video recordings of YT user “D PRoZT” .

1- The first one shows clearly three anomalies, one of them can be seen clearly shape-shifting and even this is a very rare case where anomalies are seen below the observed level, this is really amazing:

2- Now the second one is of one spherical looking object moving in almost a straight line, I am convinced that it is an anomaly, but there is no apparent change of direction in this object:

But now observe the view count in each one, the first one 341 and the second 1173. You can say that maybe there are others factors involved here, but this is really a norm, the second object appears to be more “crafty” than the objects in the first one, even when in the second case almost no details are seen from the object but in the first one you can see clearly structure in one of the objects and they change directions.

This “tendency” is exploited unscrupulously by people looking for traffic by posting craft-looking objects in the first frame or exploiting the many fake “flying saucers” footage that always is floating around on the net.

But if we forget about these unscrupulously people what is the real effect that this tendency have in honest videographers and active observers?

The effect is clear: Almost any videographer will give “priority” to any footage containing craft looking objects, the anomalous/morphing ones will be relegated to second, but the reality is that almost the totality of sightings involve morphing objects. If a close-up where done in the object spotted in the second footage very likely we will see a shape-shifting anomaly, that happen all the time to me, but when you show that anomalous nature then people’s interest actually decrease.

So we are perpetuating a myth, reality is something else.

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