UFO Sighting in Clio, Michigan on July 8th 2008 – Observed swirling orb glowing reddish orange.

My granddaughter and I were taking out a bag of garbage to put in the can out by the road. When we got out to the road I got the feeling we were being watched and all the hair stood up all over my body like electricity saturating the air. My reaction was to turn around and look. I don’t know why I reacted that way because my husband was asleep in the house. When I turned around I observed a heavy cloud bank pretty low in the sky, but otherwise the rest of the sky was clear. As I was scanning around the yard to see if anyone was there, I observed an orb coming down through the cloud bank at quite a fast rate, but then it slowed down to a crawl and continued on a steady path toward us coming from the wooded area and moving in a straight line up my property going from west to east. I was so alarmed I told my granddaughter I needed to get the neighbor and in haste took off running and my granddaughter was grabbing my nightgown trying to keep up with me. I yelled through my neighbors back door and told him to come outside and look at this thing. He was in the basement and came outside with his wife and she was holding their child. By that time the sphere was in between our yards going in the easterly direction still, but when his wife looked up she got scared and ran in the house with their child and slammed the door and locked it and shut off the lights. He looked up too and had his cell phone in his hand and it totally died and he fell backward really fast on his back. It looked like he was attacked and pushed over really fast. I ran under it to see if there was some sort of mechanics to it thinking it may be some sort of remote controlled device, but there was no opening. It looked like there was heat or some sort of glowing in it but it wasn’t a chinese paper lantern, it wasn’t ball lightening, it couldn’t have been a remote or radio controlled device because there wasn’t anyone around that was staying with it to see it. It was a beautiful sphere with oranges and reds swirrling around inside. It was the most beautiful color I have ever seen. My neighbor had to leave for work soon because he worked the graveyard shift, and my grandchild and I came in and we woke up my husband and told him what happened. He said if I report it nobody will believe us. The next evening my neighbors brother came to visit him with his girlfriend from Detroit. They camped outside in the backyard and was looking up at the stars and the same thing happened to them. The girlfriend got so scared as to what they were seeing that she demanded he take her back to Detroit where she lived. She said she doesn’t like the country and camping. Almost immediately my neighbor who was knocked on his back when he saw the sphere, started having terrible headaches. They moved and within months he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had surgery to remove it. His wife had a nervous breakdown after months of psychological problems. My grandchild and I who both had asthma prior to the incident, started having daily asthma attacks that progressively became chronic to the point we both had to start using a nebulizer machine to help us breathe. As I thought about this more and more it dawned on me that I had seen the same looking sphere 6 months prior to this sighting. It was in January the same year, and was traveling in the same easterly direction only north of us. It was at night because it was dark, but I don’t recall the time. I was upstairs in my room sleeping and for some reason I woke up and went to my sliding doors to look outside. I could see it pretty well back then because my trees weren’t as tall as they are now. I told my husband the next morning and he asked me, “Who ya going to tell?”

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